1. FC Köln U21 vs. Rot-Weiß OberhausenThe billy goats remain undefeated in the Regionalliga West. However, the minibucks were not able to keep Musculus's lead over time. After a rather mediocre first half the Oberhausener came somewhat better from the break and made the equalization by Gödde. In the final phase of the game, both teams were tired and too lethargic to get to the 3 points. Thus a draw fair under the line. That helps the leading trio most in the Regionalliga West around RW Essen, Rödinghausen and the SC Verl.Commentators: Jonas Prigge and Lennart Keßler
Franz-Kremer-Stadion (1. FUßBALL-CLUB KÖLN 01/07 E.V.)